Buy 4 Get 1 Free Happy Ceremony 2019

Do you know why the people of the sea worship the god Nam Hai the general? Who is the general and what merit has it made such devout fishermen?

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YEAR 2019

May 11 of the lunar calendar (on June 13, 2019)
19:00 Culling (tea ceremony).

20:00 Art at Dong Hoa market

May 12 lunar calendar (dated 14/06/2019)
7:00 Virtue of soldiers

09:00 His ceremony at sea

11:00 Union uncle took him to Dinh An.

12:00 Mr. Thuy Chung's feast (banquet).

Adoration ceremony - Great supernatural

Singing and singing: Singing an ancient song (Hồ Quảng) Lưu Kim Đinh broke the yin and yang battle

May 13 (mistaken on June 15, 2019)
08:00 Serve the Marine General (party)

10:00 Ho Quang ancient opera theater (Tiet Cuong recuperate)

20:00 Singing Tuong Tuong (Binh Tay Tiger)

Closing - Sun Soai Dich Thanh